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Gieke Gorge

Today, another gorgeous gorge. When we arrived in Fitzroy Crossing, we decided that we had to take the little boat cruise that goes up through Geike Gorge. We have done it before, but our friends had not, and we thought it was worth going again as this is another very special place.

11.Gieke gorge-1


The limestone cliffs are white below the flood water line and stained red brown above by oxidation.
11.Gieke gorge-2

There are lots of fresh water crocodiles in the water or sunning themselves on the waters edge.

11.Gieke gorge-3 11.Gieke gorge-4 11.Gieke gorge-5 11.Gieke gorge-6The cruise only takes an hour and doesn’t cost very much, but it is well worth it. The ¬†guides are knowledgeable and friendly and the open boat gives everyone a good view.