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Devil’s Marbles revisited

We couldn’t pass by the Devil’s Marbles without stopping to go for a bit of exploration . These are such interesting rock formations, and well worth a visit if you get the chance.






Devil’s Marbles – The Eggs of the Rainbow Serpent

We camped a couple of nights right next to Devil’s Marbles, where we lit a campfire and Melanie cooked dumplings with golden syrup in the camp-oven for all the neighbours to share as we sat around the campfire at night. What a magic spot! I couldn’t stop taking photographs; the colours and shapes of the rocks seemed to constantly vary with the changing light. Every time we went walking we found a spot even more spectacular than the last and it was hard to leave.


The trumpet sounded wonderful echoing through the rocks

Looking through a crevice

Split Rock

Melanie and Rhonda

Melanie doesn’t know her own strength

Grasses at sunset

Our camp next to the Devil's Marbles

Beautiful ghost gum

The trumpeter

Unbelievable sunset colours