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Kuranda Birdworld

We visited Kuranda a second time to have a look around Birdworld and a picnic lunch at Barron Falls, which was interesting because there isn’t really a picnic area there so we were perched on a stone wall. There is a nice walk through the forest to the falls, which are involved with a hydro electric plant up there.

This fern had attached itself to the overhanging branch of a tree. It was quite big, probably about a metre across.

The new frond of a tree fern, about to uncurl into the world.

The bird park was quite interesting, but if I had to choose, I would definitely favour the butterfly sanctuary we visited a few days ago. We did get to meet a cassowary up close, although he was on the other side of a fence. Cassowaries can inflict quite a bit of damage with the claw on their foot.

Cassowaries have a bony skull cap, and are really not the prettiest of birds but are quite big and can be aggressive. They stand about as tall as an adult human. However this one was just lazing around, and spent most of the time sitting in the shade.

This cheeky parrot was leaning in for a closer look.

White faced herons at Kuranda Birdworld

Heron. It was a good chance to get up close and personal with the birds. 

There were lots of White Faced Herons around the pond area.