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What a lot of bull!

We had a great time at the Derby Rodeo. Teams from the cattle stations in the surrounding areas all come in to compete in all sorts of events. Outback Iron-man was fun to watch, it starts with a person lying in their swag, next to a horse, with their boots off. They have to get out, put on their boots, roll up and tie the swag then pick it up and run with it to the other end. They tag the next person, who has to roll a 44 gallon drum all the way back along the arena to the other end. The next person from that end has to shoulder a bag of horse feed and run to the other end, then the next person there has to pick up the saddle & bridle and race back to the other side. They have to saddle the horse and the last person gallops the horse back down to finish at the other end. The event was contested by about 5 teams, so it was bedlam with lots of people all doing different things at the same time.

Barrel Racing is fast and furious, where the rider has to manoeuvre their horse around a series of barrels then gallop to the other end of the arena and screech to a halt before they run into the fence. You can see that the riders spend hours and hours training their horses.

Barrel Racing

Then of course there was the steer riding, bronco riding and bull riding. I don’t know how those guys (and occasionally a girl) can do that. It’s amazing that they don’t get trampled when they come off, because the rider usually ends up being tossed into the air. The clowns and other helpers in the arena do an amazing job of looking after the riders.

Eight seconds is a long time when you are on a huge and grumpy bull!

Another one bites the dust...

And another one down...

And another one down...

Another one bites the dust... (And yes, I am a Queen fan!)

Last but not least, there is the steer riding. The steers may be smaller but that doesn’t mean they are any less grumpy!

Yee-hah! Hang on tight!