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Travelling The Gibb River Road – The Kimberley, W.A.

The Gibb River Road existed initally as a cattle route and even today is a 4-wheel-drive-only unmade road, stretching from near Wyndham in the east to Derby in the West Kimberley. The condition of the road varies greatly, depending mainly on when the grader last went through to smooth out some of the corrugations. The full length of the Gibb River Road is around 660 km, plus any side trips you might choose to take.

We began our journey from Kununurra, taking only tents and camping equipment with us, as we planned to travel even further off the track and visit the Mitchell Plateau on our trip.

Pentecost River crossing

Pentecost River crossing

The first river crossing, which is also probably the widest, is Pentecost River. The crossing was not too deep or daunting, but I am sure it would be a different story in the wet season.

crossing the Pentecost

Crossing the Pentecost

One by one, the cars make the crossing. It is pretty straightforward at this time of the year.

watching and waiting

Watching and waiting

Although some people need to check it out and consider their options before making the crossing.

Pentecost River camp

Pentecost River camp

We pitched our tent in a small clearing above the river bank.

Sunset across the Pentecost River

Sunset across the Pentecost River

The Cockburn Range looks amazing in the evening light across the Pentecost River.

Sunset colours on the Cockburn Range

Sunset colours on the Cockburn Range.

This was a great first day to our Gibb River Road adventure.


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  1. Gillian Armstrong

    Amazing landscape, amazing photography, thankyou for sharing your trip Rhonda……..

    July 20, 2014 at 9:33 am

    • Thanks for looking! I am so pleased you are enjoying my blog.

      July 21, 2014 at 10:41 pm

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