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RAAF Roulettes aerobatic team

At the end of October the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix was help at Phillip Island attracting an even bigger crowd than usual because Casey Stoner,  Australian motorcycling legend, announced his plans to retire from MotoGP racing following this series. Casey won his sixth consecutive Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix  to the delight of the fans. I didn’t get to see the race live because I was volunteering with the Rotary Club of Phillip Island and San Remo in the secure motorbike parking area, but I did enjoy the atmosphere and all the great bikers that come through our gates over the three days of racing. Some of the bikes were amazing. But for me the highlight of the weekend was the spectacular display put on by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Roulettes aerobatic team.

As the RAAF’s elite formation aerobatic display team, the Roulettes perform breathtaking displays, using only hand-eye coordination to fly at speeds of up to 590 kilometres per hour. During a display, the six Roulettes flying RC-9/A aircraft experience up to 4.5 times the normal force of gravity. When the Roulettes are not showing off their skills, they teach already qualified RAAF pilots to become flying instructors at the RAAF Base in Sale, Victoria.



Skill and dexterity…the top plane is flying upside down

It is amazing to see how they can weave amongst each other. Two of these planes are upside down now.

This seemed too close for comfort!

This was the finale, when they all dropped straight down, then seemingly disappeared (at least from where I was standing!!!)

We parked thousands of bikes over the three days of the Grand Prix

The RAAF Roulettes fly above the secure motorcycle parking compound at the Australian Grand Prix, Phillip Island

This was probably one of the most amazing custom bikes at the Grand Prix this year.

There was lots of shiny chrome on display. These guys spend a lot of time making sure their bike looks bright and shiny for the weekend.






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