Photographs and Adventures

Gippsland Lakes

Our last stop on this trip before we arrived home was to spend a few days on our boat down on the Gippsland Lakes. The first night we tied up to a friend’s jetty, and the following day we ventured towards Lakes Entrance and stayed for the night at a lovely little spot called Barrier Landing which is a narrow strip of sand dunes separating the lake from the wild seas of Bass Strait.

I can never resist a beautiful sunset, and this one turned the sea and sky a beautiful apricot colour.

The evening was fine and perfectly calm. We walked across the sand dunes for a walk along the ocean beach before dinner.

There were plenty of spots to tie up for the night along the jetty or along the beach. We shared the jetty with only two other boats, so we all had plenty of space.

In the morning the wind came up so we headed back across the lake and up the sheltered waters of the Tambo River to the area where the cliffs tower over the river.

We spotted this lizard on the river bank. I am not sure what he is, but when he saw us he didn’t know whether to freeze and hope we hadn’t seen him, or run for his life.

I liked this farm house perched up on a hill, with cattle grazing in the paddock below.

The next morning the river was peaceful and calm, it was a great anchorage protected from the winds blowing across the nearby lake.

This pelican took off gracefully when we disturbed the peace by motoring through the flock of pelicans and cormorants resting on the river water. Pelicans are definitely my favourite bird, it always amazes me that they can fly so gracefully.








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