Photographs and Adventures

Moreton Bay, Qld

Have you ever drifted serenely on perfectly calm waters, watching the sun sink slowly in the west while the colours change around you, reflecting off the sky and water? It is a surreal experience that makes me realise how lucky I am to live in this beautiful country.

Right on sunset, everything is bathed in a golden glow that turns the water to a sea of gold.

Then just after the sun has disappeared below the horizon, everything is golden and blue.

In the next few moments, the blues and yellows gradually change to oranges,pinks and purples.

The sea was so calm you could see the gentle ripples from the ducks paddling around the inflatable tender.

This yacht was anchored a little further up the bay and looked so peaceful in the evening light.

All that was missing from this perfect evening was a pod of dolphins frolicking in the calm waters!




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