Photographs and Adventures

Iluka – at the mouth of the Clarence River, NSW

Iluka is a small village at the mouth of the Clarence River in New South Wales, Australia . It is situated directly across the river from the resort town of Yamba. The town’s name is derived from an aboriginal word meaning ‘near the sea’. Which it literally is…

The boat harbour is very protected and calm.

The mermaid statue looks out towards the opening in the rock wall that protects the boat harbour. She keeps watch on all the comings and goings of boats large and small.

Iluka is also home to a fishing fleet, and there is a shop selling fresh local seafood right in the carpark of the harbour.

I am sure this wasn’t great for the environment, but there were a few drops of fuel somehow on the water and the resulting colours looked pretty amazing.



In addition to the lovely waterway, Iluka also has a world heritage listed littoral rainforest complete with coastal vine thickets. It is one of the last remaining littoral rainforests in the Southern Hemisphere. It contains many different plant species ranging from coastal dune species to tropical rainforest plants. The Iluka rainforest has a vast range of native animal species ranging from wallabies and kangaroos to wombats and echidnas. Iluka is famous for the extremely rare coastal emu. We saw many birds in the forest, but not the coastal emu. We walked through the rainforest to Iluka Bluff and then along the wave formed rock platform to the headland. When we climbed to the lookout we spotted the spume from several whales, way out to sea near the horizon.

Littoral rainforest means coastal rainforest. Thick vines cross the pathway through the rainforest.

The following morning was very misty with an extemely heavy dew.

My early morning walk also rewarded me with this Grevillea flower that looked wonderful in the foggy light with droplets of water on every part. 





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