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Carmila Beach, Qld – free camp

It’s not often I am up in the morning early enough to take photographs of the sunrise. Why was I up so early? You may well ask…

We were not planning on staying at Carmila Beach but on impulse turned left off the highway to check it out, and at the end of the soft and sandy track came across a secluded spot amongst the trees, out of the wind, that seemed to have our name on it.

We found a nice little spot, tucked away in the bush out of the wind.

Because we were a little late arriving and it was a warm afternoon, we didn’t bother to collect any firewood. However, once the sun went down, the temperature started to drop so after a fairly early dinner, we retired indoors when it got dark and read for a while before going to bed early.

It’s not often I am up early enough to see the sunrise, but  because we went to bed so early, I was tempted out of bed and down to the beach with my camera.

The tide was right out, and the sand looked pretty amazing in the golden light.

Golden ripples in the sand. Low tide at Camila Beach, Qld

As I walked alonge the beach, I could see other camps stretching off into the distance, all the way along the shore. It is great to find such a lovely place where you can camp free of charge, and enjoy our wonderful beaches.




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  1. beautiful!

    September 8, 2012 at 5:19 pm

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