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Josephine Falls, Qld

Sometimes the nicest places are ones you hear about from fellow travelers. We were chatting with a couple of backpackers who mentioned Josephine Fall was worth a visit so we decided to take the detour and check it out.

This is the top pool at Josephine Falls. There must be huge volumes of water passing through this point during the wet season. I have never seen so many signs warning of danger, no swimming, strong currents, slippery rocks, etc. although it didn’t look too vicious the day we were there.

This is where the water from the top pool continues on it’s way downstream. Below this were huge boulders, which I imagine is where the danger would come in, if you were swept off your feet on the slippery rocks and sucked underneath when there was a huge current running.

Beside the stream was a cool place for this couple to escape the heat of the day.

This mossy stairway led up to….nothing at all. Well, not anymore. I am not sure what it’s original purpose would have been. It was at the far end of the pathway going up to the top pool of the waterfall.

Looking up the hill you can see how rocky the river bed is, and the large smooth rocks make for a very slippery surface.

This family were having a ball sliding down the mossy rock in the lower pool.






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  1. Helen

    It looks beautiful!

    September 5, 2012 at 7:21 pm

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