Photographs and Adventures

Bowen, Qld

We passed through Bowen on our way north to Cape York, but decided it was worth a closer look now that we are heading south again. Of course, it was a bit grey and wet when we were here last, so it wasn’t really looking it’s best. Now that we are here again, we are finding it hard to leave! We have kayaked, cycled, snorkeled and walked and still haven’t managed to see all that Bowen has to offer. We have eaten fresh prawns on the foreshore, mango sorbet while walking on the wharf and had a magnificent meal in the pub. We’ve watched the sunset from the beach and felt the ‘Blowin’ in Bowen’ breeze every afternoon. The sun is shining, the weather is warm and Bowen is a very nice place to be.

This is the beach just in front of where we are camped. The coastline of Bowen is crowded with rounded rocks, and coral and tropical fish not far off shore. This is a the top of the Whitsundays, and there are many island visible in the distance.

I just like the way this looks with the water behind the palm trees on the beach. Very tropical!

This sedimentary rock on the beach has millions of tiny pieces of coral imbedded in the stone.

The waters are great for kayaking in the sheltered bays. You can fish or just explore amongst the huge rocks dotted along the shore line.

Looking out to sea, there are further rocky outcrops, and the northern islands of the Whitsundays in the distance.

And of course, the obligatory sunset photo. It is the most perfect time of day for a walk along the beach. Bowen is a very nice place to be!






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