Photographs and Adventures


We arrived in Townsville not quite knowing what to expect, and we were very pleased with what we found. The Strand that runs right along the waterfront in town is so well done, with lots of different areas to explore from the seawater swimming pool at one end to the marina complex at the other.

Water park on The Strand, Townsville

This tiny girl just loved the water park. It was joyous watching as she explored the water mushroom.

One misty day we took a picnic lunch to Queens Park, where we saw a beautiful wedding in the lovely gardens. As we were leaving, we noticed the cloud hanging low over Castle Hill making an impressive backdrop to the gardens.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is a pink granite monolith that towers above the city of Townsville. We drove to the top but lots of people walk or even run up the extremely steep and windy road. Unfortunately the view from the top was obscured by the mist when we were there.

The Sunday market in Flinders Mall is packed with stalls selling all the usual sorts of things you find at Sunday markets, but we found a couple of things we hadn’t seen before. The first was the fruit of the Sapote. The black sapote fruit (which is green when you buy it) needs to be kept in a warm place until it is very ripe and the skin starts to look yellowish and almost as though it is going bad. When you cut the sapote open, the flesh is a dark brown colour. We scooped the soft flesh out of the skin, mashed it well with a fork and added bit of sugar, and by that time it looked just like chocolate pudding, which is what it is often compared to. We served it with vanilla ice cream, and it actually tasted pretty good! The other thing we found was a beautiful flower that we hadn’t seen before (after all, we are from Victoria and tropical flowers don’t do well there) We did some research and found it is a Torch Ginger. It lasted well over a week in the bottle we used as a vase.

Torch Ginger

We had to buy this beautiful flower, even if it was only to find out what it was.

We enjoyed The Strand so much, I think we ended up somewhere along there for lunch or a walk every day we were in Townsville. I took this photo of Melanie on the beach one day after lunch.



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