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Kalbarri – You’ll love it!

‘Kalbarri, you’ll love it!’ the sign promised as we approached town. And yes, that was pretty accurate, we did love it. We also loved the wild flowers that line both sides of the road for miles and miles in this part of Western Australia. This photo was taken from a moving vehicle so it’s a bit blurry.

Western Australian wildflowers - taken from a moving vehicle.

The National Park is split between coastal sites and gorges within the park. The first day we visited the coastal areas, marvelling at the view from several lookouts and climbed down into Pot Alley, a place we had been to several years ago.

Pot Alley, Kalbarri. The water appears to be higher than the beach.

The surf is huge here, with great waves swamping the narrow gap between the rock walls.

Pot Alley rollers.

A little further along the coastline, there is a natural rock arch as well as a rock known as castle rock that was formed from a natural arch when the top collapsed from the wave action, leaving the rocky island separate from the cliffs.

Castle Rock

In this picture, Peter is at the lookout, which has a marvellous view over the ocean and back to the town of Kalbarri.

Peter at Kalbarri lookout.

The following day we ventured into the National Park to visit the gorges. Z Bend is named for the shape of the gorge gouged out of the rock by the Murchison River. It was quite a challenging climb to get down to the river, but worth the effort.

Z Bend gorge at Kalbarri National Park

Nature’s Window is probably the most recognisable landmark of Kalbarri National Park.

Rhonda sitting in Nature's Window at Kalbarri National Park

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