Photographs and Adventures

Eighty mile beach

Picture endless fine white sand stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see in either direction. Then add in so many shells studding the beach that you can’t help but crush them under-foot, no matter where you walk. Oh, and don’t forget pristine clear aqua waves lapping gently on the shore. This is Eighty Mile Beach. It is just beautiful, and almost perfect…except that no one swims here because of the sharks and sea snakes that inhabit the waters. It is a fisherman’s paradise and many of the people we met stay here for months at a time, even though it is in the middle of nowhere and reached by eight kilometres of rutted red dust track off the highway.

Endless expanse of 80 Mile Beach

Once again Peter found some like-minded musicians and they enjoyed a couple of afternoons making music together and entertaining the crowd that soon gathered.

Drum & keyboard for accompaniment this time

Shell collecting is almost a compulsory pastime at Eighty Mile Beach. No matter if you think you will just go for a little walk and look at the scenery, it is impossible to come home without some little treasures in your hand.

Shells from 80 Mile Beach.

This perentie suddenly appeared from under our car and strolled through our campsite. He took off when he saw me watching him. Later I found he had caught and (almost) eaten a snake. I didn’t wittness the fight, but apparently he had a five minute battle with the snake. No prizes for guessing who won!

Perentie eating a snake. He obviously bit off more than he could chew, he was sitting with the tail of the snake protruding from his mouth.

And at the end of the day, there is always a gorgeous sunset over the water to enjoy

Sunset over the white sands of 80 Mile Beach

One response

  1. Adele & Neil

    Fabulous photos Rhonda, I’m so envious of the shells you collected.

    Hard to believe its 5 weeks and you will be home, Fish feeding will ba dream!!!

    September 26, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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