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Ladies Day at the Broome Cup Races

Ladies Day at the Broome Races was a beautiful, sunny Tuesday and there were so many people there that I think the town of Broome must have been a bit empty! Lots of the ladies were dressed up and wearing hats that ranged from gorgeous to very, very ordinary. I did get dressed up in ‘the frock’ that I have with me, but thought my grubby sunhat wouldn’t really add to the look so I just braided my hair and put in a pretty clip.

Peter tried his luck with a few bets on the horses, I stuck to photos… much safer!

Striving for the finish

These two were neck and neck as they approached the finish line. Unfortunately neither of them was the horse we backed…

The finishing line

Who knew racing was such a grubby sport for the jockey, and look at the horse’s face, too.

I love the look on the horse's face.

At the end of the race

After the race is run...

As the sun went down, we headed down to watch the sunset at Cable Beach

Waiting for the sunset

Cable Beach Sunset

And lastly, another of the photos I took in Derby, of the Dinner Tree where the drovers used to meet for dinner when they arrived with their stock, ready for export from the Derby Jetty

The Dinner Tree in Derby

We are in Broome for a bit longer yet, so I will head down to Cable Beach again to try for a photo of the camels on the beach at sunset. Stay tuned!

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