Photographs and Adventures

China Wall…at Halls Creek

Quite close to Halls Creek, off the Duncan Highway, is an amazing sub-vertical quartz vein that is visible as a light coloured rock wall, protruding up to six metres above the surrounding surface. The quartz is hard and resistant to weathering, and the China Wall lines the surrounding hills. The length of the wall is a mystery; it is visible from Halls Creek all the way to the Bungle Bungles.

China Wall

The wall looks for all the world as though people have carefully laid the blocks of quartz

View from the river valley

Further along the track, more of the wall is visible

We camped for the night at Mary Pool, which is a free camp set a little way off the highway in a beautiful, shady spot alongside the river. We gathered some wood and lit a camp fire with some friends and enjoyed a lovely evening together. There are lots of 24 hour free camps along the highways up here, some are pretty basic, but others are in lovely spots like this one.

Mary Pool

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