Photographs and Adventures

Down the Gibb River Road

Well, we didn’t really go all that far down the Gibb River Road, but we loved the day we spent at Emma Gorge with our Phillip Island friends, Lyn and Jeff.

Crystal clear pool at Emma Gorge

Lower pool at Emma Gorge

Lyn told me this was her favourite place, and I can see why. It is absolutely stunning, very beautiful and so peaceful. And the water is an amazing turquoise blue colour.

Rock pool

The other side of the rock pool is a pebbly shallow. Very inviting, but the water was quite cold.

Waterfall at Emma Gorge. Very hard to photograph!

Road home from Wyndham

The roads might be long in the Kimberley, but there is so much to see and so many amazing vistas that it is never boring.

Grass fire near Wyndham

We drove through this grass fire on the way to Wyndham and on the return trip as well, by which time it was burning on both sides of the road. It is very common up here to see burnt out sections of bush and grass land. Most of the fires only burn the grass, leaving the small trees, and ‘cleaning up’ the country, as the aboriginals say.



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