Photographs and Adventures


Arriving in Kununurra, I was hoping for internet access to update the blog, but no such luck, so I don’t know when you will see this! Never mind, Kununurra is a lovely place and we found a caravan park right on the edge of the lake, so we had a great spot with water views.

Evening light at Lake Kununurra

Our camp site is by the edge of the lake, which is very pretty at sunset, and looks as though it would be ideal for kayaking…except that we didn’t bring the kayaks, and we are cautious of crocodiles so probably wouldn’t have gone anyway…

Lake Kununurra sunset

Kununurra is surprisingly beautiful, like an oasis in the desert. Lake Argyle is full to overflowing, so they are letting water out into the Ord River and there is water to spare there, so all the parks and gardens are lush and green.

Making music at Lake Kununurra

Peter found a fellow musician in the park, so they enjoyed a couple of pleasant hours jamming at the edge of the lake as the sun went down, which lots of fellow campers enjoyed.

Subsequently they played together for ‘hamburger night’ at the caravan park (for a free meal!) and on the Saturday night Peter played again with Steve, who had a gig at the Pumphouse Restaurant. We were pleased to also have dinner there with Lyn and Jeff, who are travelling in the opposite direction to us. We figured we would meet them somewhere along the way and this was a great place for our meeting.

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