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Flight over the Bungle Bungles

Purnululu is the Aboriginal name for the Bungle Bungle range. We were fortunate to experience a flight in a small plane over this amazing piece of country. We departed Kununurra in the afternoon and travelled over the Ord Irrigation lands, Lake Argyle, several stations and the fantastic Bungle Bungle range. It is incredible that there is such demand for these flights, there are a few different companies, and each has a fleet of small planes. When we left, there were five separate Alligator Airlines flights departing one after another, each carrying five or six passengers.

Alligator Airways fleet at Kununurra

Ord River

This is the beautiful Ord River, snaking down from Lake Argyle towards Kununurra. As you can see, there is no shortage of water up here.

Purnululu National Park

The striped beehive domes of the Bungle Bungles are awe inspiring to see, it is very difficult to capture their majesty in a photo. We were lucky to land in the middle of the Bungles while the pilot picked up a couple of extra passengers.

The Ord River irrigation area

The area covered by the Ord River irrigation scheme is huge. There is still some experimentation about what crops are most suited to growing here. Vegetables and fruits grow well, but the cost of transport is prohibitive, so they are looking for high value crops, such as sandlewood, which seems to be thriving in this area.

Landing at Kununurra

This is our plane, banking to land at Kununurra at the end of our memorable flight. That is Peter sitting up front in the co-pilot’s seat (wearing his good hat with the crocodile skin band). And yes, the pilot did look at though he was barely out of high school!


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