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And so to Western Australia…

Well, we have crossed the border into Western Australia and lost another hour and a half in the process, as well as all our fruits and veggies. Our first stop was Lake Argyle which was stunning in it’s setting amongst red rocky outcrops, and the size of it is astounding. It was constructed on the station lands belonging to the pioneering Durak family, and the original homestead was relocated (it would have been submerged under the gigantic lake) and is now a museum.


Lake Argyle. If you look closely there are a cormorant and a heron hiding in the photo.

Swimming pool at Lake Argyle

We loved the caravan park there, which has an infinity pool that seems to be suspended above the lake. Only problem was that it seemed very cold after the thermal spring fed pools we had been enjoying in the Northern Territory.

Nice spot for a sundowner

Our solution was a quick dip then to partake of a sundowner from the lawn overlooking the pool and the lovely view, while we enjoyed the sunset. Very pleasant indeed.



One response

  1. Bianca Quinn

    wow the photos you are taking Rhonda are amazing – I am really enjoying checking out what beautiful places you guys are at every couple of weeks. We miss you Pete, I have been printing out photos of you and your trumpet and hanging them around the office! ha ha, lots of love biancaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    August 15, 2011 at 2:12 pm

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