Photographs and Adventures

Tumbling Waters, Berry Springs

In Darwin, we are staying at Tumbling Waters caravan park in Berry Springs. It is a bit out of town, but we like it because it is quiet and pretty and has lots of things going on, as well as being close to Litchfield National Park and various other wildlife parks and reserves.

Tumbling Waters campsite


Within an hour of arriving, we went to a Woop Woop didgeridoo making demo and watched Clint making a didgeridoo from a hollow branch. Clint and his dad, Kelly, collect the timber from the bush and use eucalypts, usually Woolly Butt, that have been hollowed by termites. The lengths are cut and the termite nest removed from the centre using a metal rod. The wood is soaked in water, to get rid of the rest of the termites, and the bark is beaten and scraped off with a hatchet before the ends are tidied up with a rasp. The outside is neatened up with a file, a mouth-piece formed from beeswax collected locally, and you are ready to play! Finally the finished didge is sealed on the outside only, so that the wood dries out slowly and doesn’t crack.

Melanie and her didgeridoo


Mel ended up buying the didgeridoo that we watched being made. Clint took it with them to apply the sealing coats and dropped it in to us a few days later. We have been invited to go bush camping with them for five days or so, leaving on Thursday, but I don’t think it will work because Mel flies out on Sunday, which is a shame. It would have been fun.

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