Photographs and Adventures

Litchfield National Park

No visit to the Northern Territory is complete without spending some time in Litchfield National Park, which is renowned for it’s lovely waterfalls and pristine creeks.

Rainforest creek in Litchfield National Park

Walker Creek was lovely, with three cascades flowing through a beautiful green rainforest setting. After a steep rocky climb of 1.7km to the top pool, it was refreshing but a bit tricky to wade back down the creek through the bubbling cascades and crystal clear rock-pools.

Crystal clear water at the cascades

Wangi Falls is one place we had heard lots about, so we were disappointed to find when we visited it was closed for swimming due to a saltie in the area. The falls were beautiful and the water looked so inviting, but alas, no swimming there for us. We did have a lovely picnic lunch on the lawn, then a nap in the shade before having a walk to check out these beautiful falls.

No swimming at Wangi Falls

At Tolmer falls, we contented ourselves with a walk to the lookout at the top of the falls. It was very hot, and these stunning falls dropped straight down into a deep black pool. Again, so swimming allowed. We heard there are over 100,000 crocodiles in the Northern Territory since crocs are a protected species.


Litchfield rock hole

After Tolmer Falls, we thought we might swim at Buley Rockhole but unfortunately the carpark there was full to overflowing, which meant the rock hole was full too…so on we went to lovely Florence Falls which is joined to Buley Rockhole by a crystal clear creek. We all took the opportunity to wade in the creek to cool off before walking up to look at the falls.

Female golden orb spider. This spider would have been about 10cm in diameter. The males are tiny, only about 5mm long, and the females sometimes eat the males after mating.


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