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Edith Falls, Gunlom Falls, Gaguju Cooinda

Wow, so many beautiful waterfalls and plunge pools to explore. Unfortunately most of them involve a 2 km hike up a sheer rock face to get there! It is hard going, but worth it when you arrive and see these beautiful spots. We are constantly amazed that these remote places are full of people when you get to the end of the corrugated dirt track, such as at Gunlom Falls where we bumped along over 35 km of seemingly isolated rough dirt track and then found there was barely a camping spot available when we arrived, and we also shared the campgrounds with a large group of school students from Aquinas College in Ringwood, which pretty much meant cold showers for everyone. But none of that mattered when we climbed up to the top waterfall and pool; it was stunningly beautiful and the pool seemed to drop straight down in a waterfall off the rock face.

Gunlom Falls top pool


Mel preparing dinner - Gunlom Falls


After Edith Falls and Gunlom, it seems like a bit of luxury to spend a couple of nights at Gaguju Cooinda Caravan Park, which not only has power to recharge our batteries but also two lovely swimming pools to cool off in, without the threat of being attacked by a crocodile. It’s also a good chance to catch up on the laundry and clean some of the red dust off the car and caravan, as well as make some running repairs.

Every time we do a water crossing we look out for salt-water crocodiles, but so far the only ones we have seen are on warning signs that recommend that we don’t go near the water!

We visited Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre where we learned a lot about the Aboriginal culture in Kakadu; it is very well presented and informative with interesting and authentic displays. Mel was inspired to collect pandanus leaves, strip them and weave a circular mat.

Nourlangie is an ancient rock site where aboriginals took shelter from the rains during the wet season, and has many examples of aboriginal art. There is a circular walk with interpretive signs to explain the meaning of some of the amazing figures depicted on the rock walls and we enjoyed our walk around exploring the various art sites, and the great views of the Kakadu escarpment from the lookout.

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  1. Nic

    What does that aboriginal art mean? Yep, looks like aliens to me. The Ancient Alien theorists are right! Nic xx

    July 17, 2011 at 1:35 pm

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