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Once again, thank you very much to everyone who reads this blog, and for your lovely comments. I am enjoying putting it together, although internet access is a bit of a problem in the outback, which is why the posts tend to come in groups whenever I can get onto the net.


‘We of the Never Never’ by Jeannie Gunn was written about Elsey Station in the Mataranka area. It is worth reading the book before you visit; it makes you really appreciate this unique place and it’s history. We were lucky that the Mataranka Homestead was screening the movie at lunchtime the day we visited, and the replica Elsey Homestead is also located on the property so we immersed ourselves in the story for the day.

Replica Elsey Homestead built for the movie 'We of the Never Never'

Mataranka is an amazing area with lots of natural thermal springs in the surrounding areas. We stayed at Bitter Springs where there is a warm spring with a stream that you can float down a couple of hundred metres through the water lilies. It is very pretty, if you can get the thought of crocodiles out of your head! Luckily the only ones we saw were freshwater crocs that apparently don’t eat people.

Mel swimming amongst the water lilies at Bitter Springs

Rainbow Springs at Mataranka. The water really is that amazing crystal blue colour.Rainbow Springs at Mataranka. The water really is that amazing crystal blue colour.

We walked down to Stevie's Hole, from We of the Never Never, but the swimming hole was under flood and became part of the river.

The thermal stream that feeds Bitter Springs swimming hole. The area is an interesting mix of tropical palms and outback gums. It truly is where the tropics meet the bush.


Our first wild crocodiles...freshwater crocodiles sunning themselves by the Roper River




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  1. Nic

    Hope there weren’t any crocs swimming there with you Mel! 🙂

    July 3, 2011 at 11:21 pm

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