Photographs and Adventures

Old country pubs

We took a detour off the main highway to visit Newcastle Waters, which has a Drovers Memorial park and several historic buildings. It was a surprise when we crossed over floodwaters teeming with bird life and Mel and I spent quite a bit of time photographing the herons and other birds we found there.

Pacific Heron

Bronze statue at Drover's Memorial Park in Newcastle Waters

Whistling Kite (At least I think it is! I looked it up in the bird book)


That afternoon we arrived at Daly Waters, which was the birthplace of Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services  (Qantas) and became the first inland international airport in Australia, as well as having the oldest pub in the Territory. Quite amazing when you consider that the Stuart Highway wasn’t even built yet.

Great Bowerbird that was sitting on Melanie's tent frame at Daly Waters Pub

On the road the following day, we stopped for lunch at the bright pink Larrimah Hotel, which has a zoo with heaps of birds and animals, including a couple of crocodiles, that you can visit for free. There is also a telegraph museum there with interesting things to see and read about. For lunch we bought one of their chunky and really yummy home made meat pies and that was just one more good reason for making a stop at the Larrimah Pub.

Larrimah meat pie. You have to stop and try one!

Camouflage. Nearly missed him at the Larrimah zoo.Camouflage. We almost missed this little fellow clinging onto his branch at the Larrimah zoo.

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