Photographs and Adventures

On the road again…

Even though it is a very long road up North, there are lots of interesting places to see along the way. Lots of the little towns have something to catch your attention as you pass by. Aileron is famous for it’s gigantic statue of the aboriginal man up on the hill and when we stopped to look, we found there was also a huge sculpture of an aboriginal woman and child, still under construction, with an exceptionally big goanna at their feet. Absolutely beautifully done.

Aileron man

Aboriginal woman and child

We came across this Mitsubishi Pajero at a rest area on the Stuart Highway. Who said it is hard to get spare parts in these remote areas?

I think this says it all!

As you can see from this photo, lots of people have taken up the offer of free spare parts!

Barrow Creek is one of the original telegraph stations from 1872 and has the buildings restored and a bit of it’s history to read, and further up the road Wycliffe Well, which used to be a watering hole for the stock route in the old days, is famous for having a huge number of UFO sightings and the roadhouse there is decorated with newspaper clippings and little green men! There is always something to see.

The blacksmith shop at Barrow Creek telegraph station


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