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Well, we decided it was still a bit cold down on the Yorke Peninsula so it is time to start moving north. We are headed for Coober Pedy with a stop at Port Germein on the way. Port Germein boasts the longest wooden jetty in Australia, I think it is 1.7km long. I do know it takes half an hour or more to walk out to the end and back. The fishing boats there are launched by purpose built tall car/machines, with the seat and engine high up out of the water so that they can be left out towards the end of the jetty until it is time to retrieve the boat and return to shore. Pretty interesting to watch! In the photo of the jetty, which was taken from about half way along, the small yellow dot at the far end is the boat launcher.

Boat launcher at Port Germein

Our other night’s stop before reaching Coober Pedy was at Spud’s Pimba Roadhouse where you can camp next to the roadhouse for a gold coin donation. It was here we met a Yugoslavian cyclist who has been on the road for two and a half years, cycling through Europe, America, New Zealand and now Australia. He was also on his way to Coober Pedy but I think we will beat him by quite a few days. He usually averages less than 100 km per day. He loved Peter’s trumpet playing. You meet some real characters on the road.

Yugoslavian Cyclist whose name I can’t pronounce!

Emu that ran across in front of us, north of Port Augusta. A real live Road Runner!!

One response

  1. Nic

    WOW! That jetty photo is amazing (and long!!) – A+++ 😉

    June 22, 2011 at 6:24 pm

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